Emmanuel Eboue is not dead

Emmanuel Eboue has not committed suicide
A sick rumour is doing the rounds on social media and further afield.
Type ‘Eboue dead’ into Google and this is the first result you’ll be served.
In a sad indictment of modern internet use, false stories are spreading like wildfire that the former Arsenal, Sunderland and Galatasaray star took his own life over the weekend.
January 8, 2018
Arsenal old boy is in Ivory Coast
Happily the Emmanuel Eboue rumours are wholly false.
That’s been confirmed by Leofirms Sport , who note that Eboue was at a football tournament in the Ivory Coast over the weekend.
Pictures of Eboue at the event have been published as evidence.
Eboue was pictured wearing a Sunderland kit in the photos.
UPDATE: Emmanuel Eboue Never Die O, Him Dey Ivory Coast January 6, 2018
Arsenal’s offer to help
Over Christmas former Arsenal and Galatasaray defender Emmanuel Eboue have revealed how he’s fallen on extremely tough times.
Darren Lewis of the Daily Mirror interviewed Eboue and revealed that that former professional football is broke and his life is in turmoil.
Eboue revealed he’s “skint”, “hides from bailiffs” is “sleeping on a friend’s floor” and “cannot afford a washing machine”.
The former Arsenal defender also said he wass “on the brink of suicide”.
Lewis points out that this is a stunning fall from grace for a player that appeared in the Champions League and Africa Cup of Nations finals.
Eboue cannot play professional football now due to ill health and is struggling financially due to losing a bitter divorce battle.
It’s since been claimed that Arsenal have reached out to Eboue with an offer to help.
A similar offer has reportedly come from Galatasaray.

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