Timetable of NYSC batch B 2017

The NYSC management has announced the time-table for NYSC batch B 2017. It has been disclosed that Nigerian graduates and other candidates can register online between October 23 and November 12. The printing of call-up letters of the approved participants will take place between November 13 and November 17.

NYSC batch B 2017 time table

This new update became known on the Saturday, 14th of October, 2017. The announcement was made on the Corp’s administrative Facebook page.

The NYSC batch B mobilization calendar contains the following information:

12th of October to 10th of November: a briefing of prospective NYSC candidates would be held.


12th of October to 15th of October: a list of all approved programmes will be made available for cross checking by institutions.

12th of October to 15th of October: collation of names for prospective candidates would be done.

16th of October to 21st of October – Submission and approval of results by academic boards.


16th of October to 21st of October: An approved list will be corrected and uploaded.

NYSC batch B 2017

23rd of October to 12th of November: Graduates and other candidates can begin to register online.

23rd of October to 12th of November: Any issues or problems experienced by prospective corps member during registration will be dealt with.


23rd of October to 12th of November: State deployment officers will forward all complaints to the mobilization desk.

13th of November to 17th of November: Online printing of call-up letters.

17th of November to 20th of November: Notification and delivery of call-up letters to schools.


18th of November to 21st of November: Printing of Deployment Disposition by management.

Batch B orientation course

NYSC batch B 2017 time-table for you

We hope that this information about NYSC time-table was useful to you. If you want to keep up with fresh details, be sure to monitor NYSC official website nysc.gov.ng. Good luck!


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